Seattle, WA
East Asian
Visual Arts

F.C. Zielonka

Literature, Visual Arts
Abstract, Fiction, Non-fiction, Painting
Seattle, WA
East Asian

Artist Statement

F.C. Zielonka's abstract paintings address a contemporary visual language enriched by the dissolution of linguistic and geographical barriers that comes with globalization. Zielonka interprets the Chinese philosophy and aesthetic concept of the Void/Emptiness (wu, xu, and kong) by examining various relationships that affect our global linguistic and cultural experience (progress v. tradition, man v. machine, written v. visual, universal v. unique, etc.). Her work explores a cultural landscape rooted in the conceptual and emotional lexicon pertaining to human flourishing that exists across various cultures but are unique to their respective languages ("untranslatable words"). Zielonka attempts to broaden the East-meets-West cross-cultural dialogue in art through the application of her multilingual and multicultural awareness, reinterpreting the changeful elegance and physicality of traditional Chinese calligraphy to reflect the aesthetics of an increasingly connected audience.


F.C. Zielonka is an Asian-American artist born in Taipei and raised in the Pacific Northwest. A self-taught painter, Zielonka completed her undergraduate and graduate studies in Chinese literary history and early 20th century visual culture of Shanghai at the University of Washington.


University of Washington, Seattle, Washington – MA, Chinese literature, 2011
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington – BA, Chinese literature, 2009