Seattle, WA
East Asian
Visual Arts

F.C. Zielonka

Literature, Visual Arts
Abstract, Fiction, Non-fiction, Painting
Seattle, WA
East Asian

Artist Statement

F. C. Zielonka is a painter interpreting contemporary aesthetics and notions of female beauty and strength through the lens of literature and language. Informed by the elegant physicality of traditional Chinese calligraphy and the individuality of Abstract Expressionism, Zielonka's abstract paintings explore a visual language rooted in multiple cultures and literary traditions, presenting a world of simultaneously competing and complementary criteria for beauty. Her paintings incorporate words and writing in the form of poetry, prose, song lyrics, and "untranslatable words" usually in the text's native Chinese or Japanese, or translated from English or French into Chinese by the artist. Envisioning a line adapted from Chinese calligraphy and ink painting as a fluid entity traveling between languages and practices through abstraction, Zielonka paints a cultural landscape that expands infinitely by the means of its own boundaries, and emphasizes the importance of language in the communication and manipulation of ideas across geopolitical borders.


Born in 1988 in Taipei, F. C. Zielonka holds degrees in Chinese literature from the University of Washington. She lives and works in the Seattle metropolitan area with her husband.


MA, Chinese Literature, University of Washington, 2011

BA, Chinese Literature, University of Washington, 2009