San Francisco Bay Area
Southeast Asian
Mixed Media
Visual Arts

Jane Yuen Corich

Mixed Media, Visual Arts
Abstract, Illustration, Painting, Printmaking
San Francisco Bay Area
Southeast Asian

Artist Statement

Painting for me has always a been an incremental process. At times I have seen the view at the end of the tunnel, but most of the time I let one foot lead the other until I find a comfortable spot to stand still. When it comes to my paintings I have always said "I don't make mistakes, I make progress". Though progress can look scary, confused or downright ugly I slog on, editing or adding to what is in front of me. Standing still is the ultimate goal. I want to be able to stand still and find a piece of art that is comforting, interesting, balanced and mysterious. My art has been a process of learning and trusting my instincts to create a visual landing spot.


Since 2010 I have been joyfully entrenched in the world of abstract painting and acrylic mixed media. There is no limits to where I find my creative spark. I use personal photos, found images and objects as jumping off points for each of my paintings. I started painting in 1985 while I was a fashion design student in NYC. I was always drawn to the beauty and luminosity of classical oil paintings I would find in the museums of NYC. After a 15 plus year hiatus working in the fashion industry a move to California brought me back to my passion for creating art. I began quilting as a means of expression and getting back to "thinking like an artist". This sparked my interest into oil painting again as I interpreted the process of classical painting. I completed a series of still life based paintings in this classical style using personal subject matter. I continue to create one of a kind quilts within the confines of traditional quilt making using color and non-traditional fabrics. I have shown my quilts and paintings locally and throughout the country since 1985. I am a long standing member of the Lawler Art Gallery in Suisun, Ca and the FVAA Solano Gallery, Fairfield Ca. When I am not painting you can find me working with textiles composing one of a kind quilts and working on new ideas for my silk jewelry line I call “Yo Yo Couture”.