Oakland, CA
San Francisco Bay Area
Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian
Mixed Media
Visual Arts

Sigi Arnejo

Literature, Mixed Media, Music, Visual Arts
Conceptual, Experimental, Installation, Noise/Sound
Oakland, CA and San Francisco Bay Area
Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian

Artist Statement

I have an emotional attachment to my work which stem from my personal story and social issues. Although I am schooled in Graphic Arts. I experiment with materials, textures, and sounds to create pieces that are curious and thought provoking. Because my work is inspired by my life, it is a journey that takes the shapes and forms, sights and sounds from my past and brings them to current affairs and thoughts.


As a Filipino American sound artist her work reflects the world around her, her history, and the Filipino culture. She is a Whitney Museum of American Art Biennial Alumni where she hosted a live show of sound, performances, and a workshop teaching young people the art of Foley Sound Effects with the Whitney’s Education Department. She is the principal of JUKA Productions where she produces live radio dramas and sound collages. She is on the board of AAWAA, a member of the Women Audio Mission, and a collaborator with the Aver Collective. She lives in Oakland where she likes to tease her wife and spoil Sparky and Watson.