Mural Muses Project

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AAWAA will commemorate its 25th anniversary with a its first ever public art project and the first mural dedicated to Asian American women in the arts, Mural Muses. Fulfilling our mission to to ensuring the visibility, documentation, and well-being of Asian American and Pacific Islander women artists, we are undertaking  with the guidance of lead muralists Cece Carpio (Trust Your Struggle and the San Francisco Arts Commission Galleries) and Erin Yoshi (Trust Your Struggle and The Estria Foundation) who will work with AAWAA artists and community members to create a collective mural. With our first public art piece, the goal is to transform a public space to honor the legacy of all Asian American women in the arts and provide inspiration for many generations to come.

The project is to be completed in the Summer of 2017 in the Richmond District. AAWAA is currently working to raise $20,000 in funds (as well as identifying more grants) to support the project. A city-sponsored mural fund may be able to match our fundraising efforts. Our organization hopes to partner with a  local community-oriented business with a 1-2 story exterior wall who is willing to not only beautify their walls, but also invest in San Francisco’s arts, culture, and Asian American community.


Kathleen Bancod

Arlene Biala

TJ Basa

Ellen Bepp

Ann Chee

Michele Chee

Catherine Choy

Lisa Chiu

Jennifer Chu

Desi Danganan

Shari DeBoer

Melanie Elvena

Rose Elvena

Kathy Fujii-Oka

Kalvin Henely

Nancy Hom

Shirley Huey

Bonnie Kwong

Eva Lee

Michelle A. Lee

Diana Li

Cathy C. Lu

Charlotte Makoff

Jamie Mancini

Eric Mar

Oliver Mok

Katie O’Connell


Katherine Salazar-Poss

Shizue Seigel

Cindy Shih

Judy Shintanti

Jason Su

Karen Ta

Irene Wibawa

Darnell Witt

Sarah Wong

Denis Yap

All of our Anonymous Backers


Interested in participating in this project or have further questions? Please checkout our CAMPAIGN PAGE or contact AAWAA’s Programs Manager, Melanie Elvena, at