AAWAA Mandala at stART Up Fair 2018

AAWAA Mandala: Femme Empowerment Through Art

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Artist: Nancy Hom

Title: Femme Empowerment Through Art

Medium: mixed media

Year: 2018


The medium of a mandala lends itself to multiple layers of interpretation. It can affirm identity, tell a story, and educate the public on topical issues or physical places. Each row of carefully chosen objects works with the adjacent rows, and with the color and look of the mandala as a whole.

This 4’ concentric mandala- inspired and directed by mandala artist Nancy Hom- was a collaborative effort by the AAWAA team, and led by Hanna Chen and Jenny He, honors and celebrates the Asian American Women Artists Association. With its various elements feeding into one center, the mandala offers a birds-eye view of AAWAA’s founders, administrators, and artists in its 29-year history. The mandala was finished by community members April 27-29, 2018 as part of stART Up Fair San Francisco.


For more info on Nancy’s projects, please visit nancyhomarts.com.


Artist Members:  See catalog.

Photographers:  Cris Matos, Reiko Fujii, Lenore Chinn, Mido Lee, Bob Hsiang

Community Artists: Margaret Timbrell, Susie Kagami, Aayush A., Beth Grossman, Shay Maraj, Mariz Nugal, Maryell Abella, Tamara Thompson, Lori Dali, Hadeu Dali, Julie Mai, Ian Norris, Valeria Khau, Carnar, #segobia, Hannah SL, Nicole Levitt, Madison Koufos, Melissa Curmona, Robin K, Liz Gonzales, Lena Discole, Havi Hage, Ashley Arger, Robin Murray, Catherine Wang, Lauryn Tom, Katharine Earhart, Artin Zargarian, Effie Theodosopoulos, Adrian Cahill, Nicole Colao-Vitob, Cory Bardwell, Brian Lee, Kavya Shankar, Chad Christensen, Olfred Kwan, Jenelle Smith, Lydia, Chris Farris, Eva Schulteis, Tina Yeung, Hannah Maté, Josie Gonzalez, T.H., Lorena y Andres, Michelle Holdt, Phi Tran, Martin Proaño, Aayush A., Izik Vu, Chenru, Daniela Beltrán, Ashley, Adrian Cahill, Ellie Teave, Skyler, Ella, Ray Klucik, Lily, Dafne, SherryHuss, Sophie, Hannah, Freyja. B. Lee, Robin Murray, Summer C., Rhiannon, Val Khan, Valentina, Noëma, Maseo, Liz Gonzalez, and Caryn L.


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