Affiliate Statement

My belief is that by exploring parts of self through creative activity, one can foster mindfulness, self-expression, cultivate personal strengths, and overcome barriers. 

Affiliate Bio

As a Memories in the Making art program facilitator, I work with individuals having Alzheimer’s disease or other related dementias. The MIM program is more than a traditional arts and crafts class or hobby activity. Individuals with early stages of dementia can express themselves through the creative art of painting. Through the process of painting, these individuals are able to produce a tangible means of expression, feel a sense of pleasure and accomplishment at creating something by engaging in the process of making art. It is not unusual to paint memories from long ago or something they can no longer find the words to express. 


Freelance Calligrapher - 38 years

Member, Friends of Calligraphy SF

Member, Haiku Society of America

Certified Cognitive Fitness Facilitator for Older Adults

Certified Dementia Care Professional, Alzheimer's Foundation of America


  • Arts Professionals
  • Educator