Artist Statement

Foremost within my mind are the experiential considerations of an installation, its visual scale and the depth of exploration of thoughts and ideas. Ideas of dwelling, belonging and growth are inspired by the natural world, both macroscopic and microscopic, influenced from my previous medical education. These images as well as my cultural heritage from India inform the patterns and designs I make on the woodblock. I use disposable, humble, paper plates and transform them, suggesting the possibility of preciousness and indispensable beauty. Each paper plate is imprinted with the woodblock, then sealed and installed on a wire armature, transforming the physical space it lives in. My work invites the viewer to examine the physical space as well as the psychological space with a new attitude and new considerations. This physical transformation of the space and the viewer interaction with the installation is a conversation about our place in society and the difference each person can make in the community we are placed in for any length of time. From carving the woodblock to the final installation of thousands of woodblock printed paper plates, there is a feeling of inner comfort and peace in the repetitive process of printing, sealing, painting, folding and installing - a feeling every person should have in our struggle to belong and grow amidst an effervescing global culture.

Artist Bio

Abhidnya (Abhi) Ghuge was born in India and migrated to the United States in 1993. A dermatologist prior to moving to Texas, she pursued her BFA and MFA at the University of Texas at Tyler with a focus on studio art, specifically large scale woodblock printing. The artist’s sculptural pieces are rich woodblock prints on paper plates often combined with carved birch elements within the piece. The paper plates are deckled, then rolled and sculpted into highly imaginative wall mounted work as well as large-scale site responsive installations. Ghuge draws on inspiration from Indian henna designs that allow for sensory and spatial experiences by the viewer. Currently teaching as an adjunct lecturer at the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Texas at Tyler, Ghuge has recently shown her work in solo and group shows in Women and Their Work Gallery in Austin, Texas, Lawndale Art Center in Houston, TX and many private and public galleries in the country. She has public and private collections in UK, USA and India


  • Mixed Media
  • Visual Arts
  • Dallas, TX
  • South Asian
  • Drawing
  • Installation
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture