Artist Statement

I create art to inspire the imagination. By inspiring the imagination, I teach people how to play with uncertainty - to meet their fears and befriend the Unknown. My process begins by becoming lost in a story or poem, only finding myself when I stumble upon words that "sing" to my humanity. These words must clench my heart and stop me from breathing, and often taste both bitter and sweet. To honor these words, I take them apart and intertwine them with my own threads of thoughts, emotions, and experiences. I weave together these hybrid strands of imagination with paint, palette knives, brushes, and color shapers. I apply paint straight from the tube onto my working surface, allowing the human mind to selectively mix the raw, vibrant colors. I use an array of palette knives to layer, scrape, and carve textures that summon undulating abstract and surreal environments. In a method of reverse-layering, I employ color shapers to take away paint to reveal detailed symbols and calligraphy, representational elements hidden within the abstract space. The resulting creation is a playground for the imagination: my new Truth nurtured from the original narrative that prompts others to tap into their own creativity and spin their own stories.

Artist Bio

Angela Han creates art that celebrates the Imagination, the Being, and the Becoming. She finds inspiration in written and oral literature, and admires artists who create with intense thought and feeling, including Maya Lin, Frida Kahlo, and Leonora Carrington. Using a combination of palette knives, brushes, and color shapers, she brings to life paintings that teeter between the abstract and representational. Angela’s creations are aimed to encourage viewers to embrace the power of their imaginations and to dance playfully with the Unknown. Angela currently resides in San Francisco.


  • Visual Arts
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • East Asian
  • Painting