Artist Statement


Artist Bio

Hyeyoung was born in South Korea, and is currently a PhD candidate in Contemporary Art at Lancaster University, UK. Her PhD research investigates the boundaries between painting and film, and explores the potentiality of digital documentation of the process of Korean Bunche painting as an independent fine art piece from the final stage of the painting. This practice also re-invents French philosopher Gilles Deleuze's theory of art as Transcendental Realism. Hyeyoung earned a BFA and an MFA in Korean painting at Kyung Hee University, South Korea. After 10 years working experience as a practicing artist, she came to San Francisco in 2010 to study contemporary art at the San Francisco Art Institute. This trans-cultural experience led her to develop a new way of seeing everyday life, not through fixed identity and pre-existing categories, but rather infused with the notion of differenciation, and in search of truths as a process.



  2013 – Present: Lancaster University, PhD Candidate in Contemporary Art (United Kingdom) PhD Thesis: Documentation Art and Korean Bunche Painting: An Investigation of Deleuze’s Transcendental Realism through the painting process (PhD Viva: 13th Dec, 2016, Lancaster University) 2010 – 2012: San Francisco Art Institute, MFA in Painting (United States) 1996 – 1999: Kyung Hee University, MFA in Korean Painting (South Korea) MFA Thesis: The Study on the Aesthetic Expression of “Heavenly Harmony (天和)” through Taoism and The book of Changes. (Kyung Hee University, August, 1999, Korea) - Korea National Assembly Library collection 1992 – 1996: Kyung Hee University, BFA in Fine Art Education and Korean Painting (South Korea)  

Specialist Areas:

  • Painting, Documentation Art, Video, Sound, and TextileInstallation
  • Theory: Gilles Deleuze’s Aesthetics (Transcendental Realism), Contemporary Art Theory and Asian PaintingAesthetics

Solo Shows:

    2016              Documentation Art and Korean Bunche Painting: (Forthcoming, PeterScottGallery, Lancaster,UK) 2016     Documentation Art (The Campus in the City, Lancaster,UK) 2014     Something in Between: Documentation Art (Installation Space, LICA,UK) 2012     Perfumed Violence, SFAI MFA Graduate Show (Phoenix Hotel, SanFrancisco,USA) 2007   The Pond of Mind (Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Art Center,Korea) 2004     The Joyful Imagination reflected in the Pond (Gongpyeong Art Center,Seoul,Korea) 1999            The Image of the Pond (Insa Gallery, Seoul,Korea)  

Conference Presentations:

    2016     Paper Presentation in Asian Deleuze Studies Conference, Seoul Nation University,Korea; Documentation Art of Korean Bunche Paining: Landscape Painting as Transcendental Realism 2016              Paper Presentation in International Deleuze Studies Conference in University ofTomeTre, Italia; Documentation Art and Transcendental Realism: Painting as Virtuality, Becoming and Life 2016              Lancaster University Post-Graduate Research Conference LongPresentation(Lancaster University): True-view landscape painting and TranscendentalRealism 2015              Lancaster University Post-Graduate Research Conference LongPresentation(Lancaster University): Documentation Art and Deleuzian TranscendentalAesthetics 2014     Lancaster University Post-Graduate Conference Poster Presentation (LancasterUniversity): What is Documentation Art?    

Art Projects:

    2013 - Present: Documentation Art Project: Creating an experimental video art piece from the documentation of the process of Korean Bunche painting (PhD Project, LICA, UK) 2012 -2015:  Wishing Tree Project: Video Bracelets InstallationandCommunity-Engagement Performance (San Francisco, USA and Lancaster,UK) 2010-2012:    Perfumed Violence (Painting and Video Installation): a pedagogical artprojectwhich unfolds the adverse effect of “education fever” in Asian countries. (SFAI,USA) 1999-2008:    The Image of the Pond: An investigation of the aesthetics of Taothroughthe integration of the image of the pond and everyday life. (Korean Bunche painting practice, SouthKorea)    

Teaching: LICA 130

    2016-2015    Year 1 Fine Art Student Painting Workshop Tutor, Lancaster University,UK  

Awards and Funding:

    2016     William Ritchie and Friend’s Programme TravelFund,UK FASS PG conference Travel Grant, Lancaster University, UK Graduate College Travel Grant, Lancaster University,UK 2014     Winner, Batsford Prize for Big Bracelets,UK Lancaster University 50th Anniversary Funding for Wishing Tree Project, UK   2012              San Francisco Art Institute 2013 Course Book Cover Art Competition GrantforBig Bracelets 2005     Award, Chungnam Literati Korean Painting Competition, Korea,SouthKorea 1999            Award, Chun Chu Korean Painting Competition, Korea, SouthKorea 1997     Award, Nahyeseok Art Competition, SouthKorea 1995     Merit Scholarship and Award, Kyung Hee University, Seoul,Korea    

Group Shows:

2016 A Portrait of A Beauty (Sejong Museum of Art, Korea)  
2015 In-Betweenness (The Storey Gallery, Lancaster, UK)
2014 Korean Art Wave (Technopolis of Athens in Gazi, Greece)
2013 Translocura (The Headlands Center for the Arts, San Francisco, USA)
2012 Flying Fish (ARC Gallery, San Francisco, USA)
2011 Hidden Story (Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, USA)
  Mid-Point (Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, USA)
  No fixed Places (Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, USA)
2008 Hoeto Exhibition (Korea Art Center, Seoul, Korea)
  Brushwork of Korean Painters (Se Jong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul, Korea)
  The 42th Korean Fine Arts Association Exhibition (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)
2007 Synism (The Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
  Korean  Women  Artists  Association  Exhibition  (Sejong  Center  for  the Performing Arts,
  Seoul, Korea)  
  Kyung Hee University Alumni Exhibition (Kyung Hee Gallery, Seoul, Korea)  
  Neo Exhibition (Gong Gallery, Seoul, Korea)  
2005 Korea Art Festival (Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul, Korea)  
  Five Lines and Five Colors in Korean Painting (Sejong Center for the Performing Arts,  
  Seoul, Korea)  
  Korean Modern Art: Today and Tomorrow (Leehyung Art Center, Seoul, Korea)  
2004 Spring in Woman's Mind (Sejong Center for the Performing Arts)  
  Fall Picnic (BaekSong Gallery, Seoul, Korea)  
  Donghaeng ( Baeksong Gallery and others)  
2003 Spring and Wind (Gongpyeong Art Center, Seoul, Korea)  
  Re-Thinking of Woman's Identity (Gongpyeong Art Center, Seoul, Korea)  
  Gathering and Vision (Jongro Gallery, Seoul, Korea)  
  Korean Women Artists Festival (Fine Art Gallery of War Memorial Hall, Seoul, Korea)  
  2002     Distinction and Solidarity: Suggestion for KoreanFeminism (Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul / Posco Cultural Gallery, Pusan, Korea) A New Millennium Exhibition for Asian Paintings (Gongpyeong Art Center, Seoul, Korea) Hoeto Exhibition (Deokwon Gallery, Seoul, Korea) 2001              Chinese Sungdo Exhibition (Fine Art Hall of SacheonProvince,China) Tradition of Oriental Paintings and New Awareness of Formative Arts (Planned by Baeksong Gallery, Seoul,Korea) Nature: Creation and Extinction (Seoul City Fine Art Hall, Korea) Open Fine Arts Garden (Open Garden All Gallery, Deoksoo Place, Seoul, Korea) A New Millennium for Asian Paintings (Seoul City Fine Art Hall, Korea) Hoeto Exhibition (Dongduck Gallery, Seoul, Korea) 2000       Women Painters’ Association Founding Exhibition for Korean  painting (Seoul     CityFine Art Hall,Korea) Hoeto Exhibition (Dongdeok Fine arts Gallery, Seoul, Korea) 1999              Celebration of 50th Anniversary of Kyung Hee University (Jongro Gallery,Seoul,Korea) Na Hye Seok's Grand Fine Arts Exhibition (Suwon Culture and Art Hall,Suwon, Korea) Spirit and History of Korean (Hun Dai Gallery, Seoul,Korea) 1998     Autumn Picnic (Miz Gallery, Hyundai Gallery, Seoul,Korea) 1997     Spirit  and  History of  Korean  Art  (Culture and  Art  Promotion  Fine  Arts  Gallery,Seoul, Korea) Hoeto Exhibition (Deokwon Gallery, Seoul, Korea) 1996      Chunchu Exhibition ( Deokwon Gallery, Seoul,Korea) Hoeto Exhibition (Deokwon Gallery, Seoul)  


  Fine Arts teacher’s license for Secondary schools (Achieved in 1996, Korea)  


  Computing: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photo Shop Language: English / Korean

Professional Affiliations:

  2014- Present Member of Insight Research Centre, Lancaster University 2004-Present – Member of Korean Fine Art Association (Korea) 2012- Present – Member of Asian American Women Artists (USA)   1996- Present – Member of Hoeto (Kung Hee University alumni Group Show)   2006-2009 – Member of the Executive Committee of Korean Woman Artists’ Association 2007-2009 – Member of Executive Committee of Neo Association (Korea)


  • Film/Video
  • Mixed Media
  • Visual Arts
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • East Asian
  • Digital
  • Experimental
  • Installation
  • Noise/Sound
  • Painting
  • Photography