Artist Statement

I’m deeply fascinated by the rich, vibrant hues of India, my native country, where color dominates every aspect of daily life. From the rich tones of cooking spices, to the colorful kollams drawn in front of houses, to the bold, bright shades of traditional clothing and textiles, one is constantly surrounded by color. Growing up, these colors were such an integral part of my life that it was easy to forget how they enriched it. My paintings are a celebration of these "everyday colors".

Artist Bio

Samantha Chundur is an artist trained in architecture, urban design, and planning. Her love of design and cities led her to choose a career in urban design while also inspiring her travels, art and photography. She was raised in Madras, where as a child she developed a keen interest in art and dance. One of her most vivid childhood memories is of drawing and coloring every day, mostly out of interest but partly due to a fascination with markers, crayons and stationery. Her aversion to sewing and embroidery eventually led her to enroll in after-school art classes, which not only provided an opportunity to learn the nuances of painting formally, but also gave her a chance to opt out of craft-related coursework. She was introduced to both watercolors and oils, but chose to continue with the latter as her primary medium after being enthralled by the works of the great masters. After an initial focus on landscapes, Samantha has shifted towards abstracts. The vivid, bold colors inspired by her native country, as well as the different cultures she has encountered through her travels, dominate and continue to inspire her art. For more information about her paintings, photography, and professional work, please go to:


SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2013: ‘Vistara: Expansion’ - Joyce Gordon Gallery, Oakland 2012: ‘Tattva:The Elements’ - Spice Monkey Restaurant Gallery, Oakland GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2014 ‘Exit from Anonymous’ - Joyce Gordon Gallery, Oakland ‘Eating Cultures’ - SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco (JURIED) ‘Sintaro Art Bash’ – Fundraiser for Sintaro, Ethiopia 2013 ‘Slide’ - Next Space Co-Working - San Francisco ‘Holiday Art Salon’ - Joyce Gordon Gallery, Oakland ‘Array’ - Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley ‘Slide’ - Joyce Gordon Gallery, Oakland (JURIED) ‘Narika Annual Gala’ – Fundraiser for Narika – a women’s organization ‘Transport’ - Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland ‘Youthful Dreams’ - The Sequoias, Rotunda Art Gallery, San Francisco (JURIED) ‘Rebirth Through Time’ - Joyce Gordon Gallery, Oakland ‘Undercurrents and the Quest for Space’ - SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco (JURIED) ‘ 2012 ‘Holiday Art Salon’ - Joyce Gordon Gallery, Oakland ‘Wonder’ - Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley Her photographs have been published in ‘World Savvy’s 2013-2016 Population & Progress Collaborators Guide’


  • Visual Arts
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • South Asian
  • Painting
  • Photography