Artist Statement

To me, no matter what i draw, painting is both the goal and the expression of living. Basically my painting is filled with the patterns that symbolize the love of mother, god and nature. It illustrates the breath of life that enables me to harmonize with the nature. It also speaks about the essence of human life and existence from the perspective of mother, nature, where all life began. In this painting, the mother nature means the energy provider that lets me breath and the child, who is questioning about a life on the canvas. The line represents the connection between nature and a child that is able to communicate with the outer world. From the color filled pattern in combination with the symbolic meaning in the painting, it is evident that my artwork conveys the basic in internal representation and symbol of existence.

Artist Bio

Born in 1974 in Seoul, South Korea, Yousun Kim studied painting at Hong Ik University in Seoul. While attending college, she exhibited in a group exhibition at KOEX with video installation and canvas work in 1998. She then moved to Indiana to study art and language. While there, Kim performing art in high school and had some exhibition in local gallery in Evansville. Afterwards, Kim went back to South Korea in order to work at GEU RIN SUM Art Institute as an art instructor in 2000. She moved back to the US in 2002 to study art and animation at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2002. During that time period, she exhibited in Berkeley. Yousun Kim had her first solo exhibition in Seoul at the Do Deul Gallery and was later invited in 2014 to exhibit at Nam Seul Hyun in Gang Leung. Kim currently lives in Dublin, California and serves as the Director of the Soho Art Studio. She has been teaching art to elementary through high school students and also works as an art teacher for art and computer graphics.


  • Visual Arts
  • Dublin, CA
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • East Asian
  • Painting