Artists & Affiliates


Anh Hoa Thi Nguyen and Shizue Seigel enjoy a conversation during an AAWAA mixer. Photo courtesy of Cynthia Tom.

AAWAA boasts 200+ members that include various artists, curators, writers, authors, educators, etc. We are currently accepting memberships for those who want to broaden their career in the arts, are social and arts activists, and are dedicated to the documentation and visibility of Asian American women in the arts.

Some of our notable members include: Kathy Aoki, Bernice Bing, Lenore Chinn,Nancy Hom,  Betty Kano, Dawn Nakanishi, Genny Lim, Isabelle Thuy-Pelaud, Canyon Sam, Valerie Soe, Flo Oy Wong, Wendy Yoshimura,and Katherine Westerhout.

Entering The Picture Book Launch

(Left to right) Shari Arai DeBoer, Pallavi Sharma, (editor) Jill Fields, (contributor) Tressa Berman, (contributor) Lydia Nakashima Degarrod, Sylvia Savala, Cristal Fiel, Moira Roth, Vivian Truong, Beverly Quintana. Photo by Lenore Chinn.


Membership is open for all Asian American-identified women artists working in all disciplines: visual art, video/film, literary arts, performing arts, etc. Help us ensure the documentation of your art for educational, historical, and cultural purposes.


Membership is open to affiliate members committed to supporting AAWAA’s mission to document and ensure the visibility of Asian American women artists. Our affiliate members include: educators, curators, arts administrators, arts activists, writers, etc.

For more information, see our membership benefits.