AAWAA Board and Advisory Board Meeting

Kelsay Myers, Cristal Fiel, (From left to right) Vivian Troung, Khay Hembrador, Lisa Chow, and Beverly Quintana. Photo courtesy of Cynthia Tom.

To ensure the visibility and documentation of Asian American women in the arts, we offer exhibitions, publications, educational lectures, and other programs to the community. Moreover, AAWAA is building the first comprehensive online archive of contemporary Asian American women in the arts.

Where is the place for Asian American Art? Why isn’t there adequate representation?

AAWAA has begun to fill this gap with a robust offering of information:  photos, videos, literary works, curatorial and critical essays – to change the way students, curators, and the public research Asian American women in the arts. With your participation, AAWAA will become a “go-to” place. Contribute to this project, document our rich legacy, and engage in its journey.

How can you make an impact?