Driftwood Salon | 2010

Irene Wibawa D10 Series APOHO

Irene Wibawa’s Experiment D10 Series as part of A PLACE OF HER OWN, Driftwood Salon. Photo courtesy of Markus Storzer of Mbitions.

A PLACE OF HER OWN 2010 | Driftwood Salon, San Francisco

The project is building new ties with these communities, and together we can further discover what happens when women realize what is ultimately important in their lives.

2011 marked our third and largest production of A PLACE OF HER OWN (APOHO). This long term art and healing project began at the de Young Museum as Artists-in-Residence in 2009, then on to the intimate Driftwood Salon gallery in 2010.   Co-presented with the API Cultural Center as part of their 14th United States of Asian America Festival, the work of 26 Asian American women artists was showcased. Artists to creatively responded to the question, “If you had a place of your own, what would it be?”

AAWAA hosted a literary reading and artists’  roundtable. We reached out highest attendance at 3,000+ and multitudes saw the show unfold online. Our partners included CBS 5 and AsianWeek Foundation.