de Young Museum | 2009

de young Residency postcard_5x8_front 2

Graphic courtesy of Cynthia Tom.

A PLACE OF HER OWN 2009 | De Young Museum, San Francisco

In January 2009, AAWAA was awarded the Artists-in-Residence at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. Ten Asian American women artists, responded to the question, “If you had a place of your own what would it be?” with a range of art media from dioramas to life-size installations. Artists explained their creative process and inspired visitors to share their own responses.

“This project demands much self reflection. Participants will have to find the time and willingness to reflect. That is the transformative nature of this project.  It’s not just a matter of “what do I want for myself in “A Place of Your Own” , but rather a matter of letting go of external influences and discovering what remains.  It could prove to be a very spiritual process.

-Nancy Hom, AAWAA artist and arts advocate

Residency in the Kimball Gallery

The January 2009 Artist in Residency: A Place of Your Own (APOHO) involved a month-long creation of two and three dimensional art works, culminating in a reception exhibiting the works of the artists and the public with selections by AAWAA curatorial staff and de Young’s Public Programs Department. This became an innovative platform for the sharing of trauma and the building of trust. The artworks were poignant and very personal points for discussion with the public. APOHO served as an important vehicle for AAWAA to address abuse and trauma in our own community as we work toward visibility for Asian American artists.

AAWAA provided a community work table equipped with workbooks and materials. Residency artists provided help, encouragement, and enthusiasm to visitors as they pondered the question at hand and responded accordingly.