Social Service Initiative | 2011

Artwork by Truc Nguyen.

Artwork by Truc Nguyen. Photo courtesy of Cynthia Tom.


A PLACE OF HER OWN: Social Service Initiative 2011 | AAWAA Studio, San Francisco

In 2011, the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Arts and Innovative Partnerships Exploratory Grant and a grant from funded the pilot of A PLACE OF HER OWN for social service agency providers serving Asian Pacific Americans. The grant helped answer how APOHO, could be a vehicle for transformation of women who did not identify as artists.

For this exploration phase of the A Place of Her Own: Social Service Initiative we worked with up and coming leaders in the Asian American community through the help of Trinity Ordona PhD.  The Initiative was overseen by artist, AAWAA board president, and APOHO founder Cynthia Tom, whose passion for women’s social justice drives this project. The Project Director, Elisabeth Travelslight guided the logistics of this project and together Cynthia and Elizabeth created a syllabus that continues to morph and grow over time. AAWAA artist members Vivian Truong, Kelsay Myers, and Shizue Seigel served as art instructors.