Emerging Curators Program

ECP Hungry Ghost Thoreau

Opening reception for Emerging Curators Program’s Hungry Ghost. Photo courtesy of Cris Matos.


As part of AAWAA’s mission, we demand visibility of Asian Pacific American women artists in American art history. Through the cultivation of curators who focus on Asian American women in the arts. Our Emerging Curators Program (ECP) offers dynamic opportunities for visionary and motivated emerging curators. AAWAA offers valuable, hands-on experience developing, producing and promoting innovative exhibitions that expand and deepen the awareness and understanding of Asian American women in the arts.

AAWAA facilitates the personal and professional growth of emerging curators by providing mentorship, guidance, and support in producing socially conscious art exhibitions in traditional and non-traditional spaces throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


We are constantly looking for sponsors to contribute to this important, historical program. If you would like to become an ECP sponsor by donating a venue suitable for an exhibition, please contact info@aawaa.net or call 415.722.4296.


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